London – Paris

Anxiously waiting to travel again, we decided to take a trip over the pond to London, UK. For travelers in the Midwest region a key way to save money is to fly out of Toronto, Canada instead of airports like Columbus, Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Detroit. Since this is a hub, the flights over to Europe are extremely cheap in comparison. As we set out on our trip we prepared to spend 5 days in London then train into central Europe to see another city. Little did Madison know I had already arranged a monumental surprise for us, check it out below!

Paris, France

Using EuroStar trains we arrived in Paris on New Years Eve full of excitment. As Paris is known as the city of love I wanted to make the few days we spent here romantic and special. Therefore, we stayed at the beautiful Hotel Brighton, which has a fantastic location by the Tuileries Gardens.

The view from our hotel room was breathtaking!

I told you it was a big surprise! I finally decided to ask the woman of my dreams to spend the rest of her life with me. It was important to me to ask her in a meaningful way. Because of her extreme love for travel I thought this location would do. I couldn’t be luckier to have her as my best friend and travel partner.